Saturday, 22 September 2007


Ciao! I'm back and remembering the old lines..."I see you in
September, when summer's gone", I`ve thought of breaking my
blogging block and start posting this end of September. But as luck
would have it,summer has returned today in Alemanya. What to do?
Wait further for the first sign of autumn to start updating? No,
I decided to start the update today, September 22.

While taking a walk across a nearby field watching the afterglow
on the horizon and the first stars on this early evening, I told
hubby, "Equinox, it is Equinox today."
As expected, he contradicted saying, "it is actually on the night
of September 21 to 22."
"No, it is September 22 and I don't forget that," I countered.
After we've reached our nest and enjoyed our sips of cold
Federweißer, I consulted Wiki about Equinox.
It says: "An Equinox in Astronomy is the event when the sun
can be observed to be directly above the earth`s equator,
occuring around March 20 and September 22 each year."
Reading further, it reads that Equinox in 2007 is on
September 23 at 9:51.
Well, that is too early sun watching or Equinox
for me. I`d rather have sunny-side-up with toast
and marmalade on Sunday morning.
Which reminded me of this state-of-the-art egg
served in one of those hotels near the river
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Tell you, the eggs taste better without the rings.

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Culture Shiok! said...

Sorry for the late visit.

Was looking at the 'old' comments in my blog then I saw yours. Thanks for dropping by!

Great photos you have here.