Friday, 5 October 2007

When Trains Won't Go...

Friday morning and came the news that Die Bahn started its strike
from 8 in the morning to last until about 11 but passengers
and travellers should expect more delays.
As a frequent train traveller, this is no news...I mean the
delays and not only minutes but hours of waiting for the next
train to rescue us somewhere in the fields between Germany
and The Netherlands. Photo above shows not about the strike
this morning, though. It was my other encounter with the
delays of the trains somewhere in Mannheim this summer where
hundreds of passengers were stranded for more than two hours
of waiting. More than an hour spent waiting inside the unmoving
ICE and the rest of the time looking for the next connection.
Mine was the train bound for Basel and further to Bella Italia.
Nothing in sight except the cold drinks served by the train
personnel at the station.
Well, not really that dramatic, these train strikes today.
Radio is broadcasting about groups of people who are still
waiting at the train station to get the next train for their
weekend excursion, and calls are coming in from passengers
asking when and how they could reach their destination.
No chaos despite the delays. Or is this only a dry run for the
striking train operators who are asking now for about 10 percent
increase in their salary?
That is my bag being carried by this Gentleman.
Whoever you are, you were an angel sent...not by the bahn.
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The first thing I did when I reached Basel after the long delay
was to go to my favorite cake shop and get myself those
lovely Luxumbuergerlis. Hmmmmm, the best panacea for
the bruised travelling spirit. who cares about the next
train connection?
Calling Bahnchef Mehdorn! Die Bahn should have more of these
fingergoodies and comfort food than just plain coffee and
bottled drinks.

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