Sunday, 21 September 2008

One day in a demo...

Verdamp lang has been such a long long time sings BAP
in the local Kolsch dialect. The rock band from Cologne City
performed with other artists and musicians in this weekend
of opposition to the scheduled international conference of
Pro-Koeln. The conference was declared to be Verboten-illegal
due to the massive protests and blockades to the site
of the conference of the ultra-right groups. The weekend
protest was organized by several groups,labour unions,political
parties, religious groups and institutions with the theme
Arsch Huh 2008,
Koeln stellt sich quer.
(Rough translate: Ass up, Cologne opposes!)
A demo-concert by concerned rock bands, artists and
social activists accompanied the weekend protest movement while
other more daring oppositionists have been blockading
roads and routes of the ultra-right groupings.

Today, we remember the notorious day when Marcos
declared Martial Law in the Philippines....36 years ago.
As a small reminder of that notorious day, I am
posting here a short video of this concert demo of
Arsch Huh 2008, Cologne City Says No!
No to intolerance, no to racism!
Yes to a multi-cultural society!
Yes to freedom of religion!

To join a demo in Germany is really a treat, I should say.
But don't come in total black with sunglasses and hood...
you are making yourself a target for the secret cameras
of the staff of Germany is looking for the super stars of
demo...get it?

Here's the video with music from BAP, Verdamp Lang her.
Enjoy it and imagine yourself living in
a multi-cultural here, temple,
mosque,synagogue, Wats, sanctuary and beer gardens.

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