Monday, 24 November 2008

10th Anniversary of Tatort-Straßen der Welt e.V.

Cologne based Tatort-Straßen der Welt e.V. celebrated its 10th
anniversary last November 23 at the Alten Wartesaal with about
300 invited guests and sponsors.

Dietmar Bär with ML

Fr. Shay Cullen with Lino

Guets of Honor included Fr. Shay Cullen, of PREDA
an organization which focusses primarily on children's rights and
rehabilitation of abused and traumatized children. He is a recipient
of many peace awards for his engagement for the cause of children.
His new book "Kein Kind ist Verloren" (No Child is Lost) was
launched in this celebratory evening.

Klaus J. Behrendt with ML

The 10th Year celebration program presented a short review of
the film Tatort Manila from the year 1998 which shows the story of
a young Filipino child victimized by a German paedophile.
Other documentation film included the visit of Tatort team
with Fr. Shay Cullen to children imprisoned in a Philippine
jail and a short visit to a mango farm interviewing farmers
whose produce are sold in Germany by Dwp Fairhandelshaus or
the so called Third-World shops.
Moderation of the evening program was done by Bettina Böttinger.

Ulrike Thoenniges, coordinator for the Verein.


Anonymous said...

mal.n.i ka!!! (please fill in the blanks!)

why doesn't PWF or Babaylanes do
something with them like join in
one of their projects? Like I
would love to represent them in
Manila for a cause (example lang
ito!)? oder?


Pinay von Alemania said...

Ciao C.Rentmeister,
Thanks for the offer...will you also go inside Philippine jails and check on the situation of children inside these correctional institutions? Sige...they would love to have someone like that...puro tatoos ka paglabas siguro.
Sige, plano tayong dalawa ng additional projects for them.

hear from you

pinay von alemanya