Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Thoughtful Neighbors in Alemanya

Opening our front door this morning, I see this wine bag
on top of the morning paper. You see, my dear German
neighbors share their daily papers with us...this is
a practise of good neighborhood for you in Germany!
(Well, they even pay for the papers, shame on us!)
Well, don't expect your neighbors will do the same
nice things to you when you move to Alemanya. Not everyone
gets nice have to be nice yourself, too,
and not only when you celebrate birthdays.

Thanks Ursula and Wolfgang!
Really, a surprise! When do we drink the beautiful
French red wine together?

1 comment:

raqgold said...

blog hopping ;D

sa pinas kami lang dati bumibili ng dyaryo, para sa buong barangay na yon. lalo na kapag linggo para sa job seekers :D

isang taga alemanya rin