Monday, 21 September 2009

September 21...Remembering the day...

It was in 1972, September 21 when the dictator Marcos declared
Martial Law in the Philippines.
I would not dare to write anything political about
this date...just a silent wish that such notorious
moment would not be repeated in the Philippines and in
other countries as well.
Well, I am just writing that I have finally connection
to our new Wifi...and it is working well, so far so good.
It costs us around 80Euro (no receipt) for an hour work otherwise
one has to pay value added tax, etc, etc. This is friendship
price so to say if one wants fast work extra food
to be served, no tea. Oh, he has worked well but too beating around the bush, just router
connection and commenting that I have a slow laptop!
What this is Vaio, I thought...a brand new at that.
Anyway, to make the story short, we are or I am
finally connected to the big cyberspace out there...
on this notorious day September 21. Something positive
to remember.
Tama Na, Sobra Na, Palitan I was telling our old
router. New connection, new speed,new internet life.
More later..

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