Sunday, 21 March 2010

Spring Again!

"It's spring again
and the birds on the wing again
start to sing again
the old melody"

Frank Sinatra

According to the calendar,it is the official
start of Spring, March 20.
Time to change the wardrobe, maybe get a new
haircut, new hair color,out of the greying zone,
get friends for brunch in street cafes, check
on the few potted tulips in the terrace. Emma B.,
a friend who has a green thumb even for cultivating
Alugbati* inside their
house suggested to loosen
the soil a bit so the tulips get out of their
wintry hiding. Nothing of that sort happens yet so one
buys ready to go tulips from the supermarket and
gets out with thick jacket and gloves not forgetting
the handy umbrella.
*Alugbati...I wrote the usual what is alugbati in
English, googled it and got this answer: Malabar Night Shade.
Other source said it is a kind of spinach. One more point
learned while waiting for spring.

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