Saturday, 10 April 2010

Pasalubong Galore

Ordering pasalubongs is now easier...even the last minute
pasalubong order is possible with our access to internet and
texting possibilities. As hubby was doing a reportage during the
Easter week in Wow Country, I was pestering him this time
to bring me Pasalubong,
not the big travel souvenirs as dust collectors but just
heavenly tasting Ube Halaya,
a especialty of my elder sister, and the world famous
hopyas from Chinatown. It is my third order for hopyas
and no one as of writing has been successful in getting them.
I heard during my brief visit in Holland that bags are now rigidly
controlled, opened and even contents are thrown away which as
you could imagine cause so much heartaches for returning Pin@y
travellers. A returning Pinay lost the content of her delayed
suitcase which I learned later to be packs of tuyo (dried fish)
and maybe other intriguingly smelling goodies from the home
country. I wonder what happens to such confiscated goodies?
Thrown away, feed to the sniffing dogs or brought home
as doggie bags by Customs/airport officials and workers who know
by now that such smelling goodies could only enrich their
taste buds and culinary experience.

When the dear "kabiyak ng puso" returned recently from
a reportage travel in the Wow Country, he surprised me with
packs of Pasalubongs which I religiously reminded him
to bring back: my ube halaya (sweet violet yam jam), mangoes and
pandisal. There were small packets of dried, mini-mini anchovies,
(dilis) dried kamias, some pieces of Kalamansi (native citrus),
small heads of native garlic (hubby's most fav travel souvernir
in addition to his books), first home-grown papaya from
my elder sister who also did this labour of love in preparing
the Yam jam, small packets of sampaloc and other Phlippine spices.
What a especial treat from hubby who is learning to capitulate
to the texting and emailings of wifey for these treasures from the
Forecast this weekend is sunny and with these precious
Pasalubongs to enjoy, I would not care if it rains cats and
dogs again. Meanwhile, hubby is still sleeping, recuperating from
the heroic act as Pasalubong carrier.

In return for his consideration, I think I would let him indulge in
his passion for garlic and just bear the garlicky days ahead in our flat.
Nope, he also did not get the world famous hopyas from Chinatown.
Nabitin na talaga ang hopyas!

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