Saturday, 1 May 2010

Same procedure as in every first of May...der Maibaum

(Photo is taken from Koelner Stadt Anzeiger. Photographer:
Kathy Stolzenbach)
Spring weather since start of the week. Am feeling thankful
for wishes granted and did a short walk in the village
into the open fields colored now yellow, green and brown.
Sunny first day in May. While demonstrations are being
planned in most cities by labour unions with Berlin's
First of May demonstration getting the most media coverage,
I'm on the lookout for these Maibaueme in our neighborhood.
Yesterday, I saw a young man riding on a bike carrying
a Maibaum which was still wrapped in a white net...a modern
Romeo carrying the proof of his love. When will he put it
up, I was wondering and where? Got the trees but did not
see any lovers outside. Maybe they are all still sleeping
from the late dancing on the eve of May 1st.

Ending my brisk walking at the neigborhood flower shop, I saw
a young man carrying a pot of a tall hibiscus plant to the cashier.
He is more practical, I thought. I waited for my turn to pay for my
two bottles of white wine for my Romeo...well, also for me to drink
with our first asparagus for this season, our first asparagus in the
month of May.

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