Sunday, 4 July 2010

...i just want to say...

When Germany was about to start its match against Argentina on
July 3, 2010 with warnings on gusty winds to pass North-Rhein
Westphalia, we were enjoying lechon (roasted pork), pansit
(noodles), lumpiang shanghai (fried egg rolls), chapatis
with vegetable curry, tabule in celebration of a dear friend's

And just before we attacked the dessert of almond
jelly with lychees, tarts and leche plan, Cecil told us to get
ourselves glasses for the traditional toast. So you
could see here what happened. It was the best part of the gathering,
tell you.

Thanks Lourdes for the wonderful Saturday. Wish you many
returns of lovely years. Thanks Cecil for giving us liberating
laughs! Cheers!

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