Friday, 5 August 2011

Instant Lunch-Within the Budget

Every seasoned traveller knows to live on within the
planned budget for the day. In my case, it was just an incident
that I saw this chicken shop while searching for an Indian shirt
in this multicultural part of Rotterdam. So I thought why not try
itm and instantly I thought of my friend Min who goes crazy
looking for the Colonel when she visits me. We don't have this
chicken shop in our city but instead a rolling chicken on grills
comes every Thursday but for her it's the Colonel's or nothing
at all.
I took this 3 piece Box menu costing 8.45Euro.
Converted into the current rate, it is roughly 508.83pesos.
It was filling I should say but too big for an Asian woman's
stomach. I found the coleslaw not so tasting like what I
expected and the chicken...well crumbly but not that especial.
I still would prefer the especial fried chicken of my friend
Yvonne...she should be called General and not just Colonel for
making her own version of crusty, delicious fried chicken.
Hope she reads this blog and make me a fried chicken when
we do our Meet and Eat day.

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