Sunday, 4 September 2011

Bella Italia Sojourn-Other Images

You will not miss them.
They will offer you everything. When it is raining, they have umbrellas.
They have hats to protect you from the burning heat of Italian sun
and weather. They have fans, flashlights, toys and posters.
They are so patient, will engage you in conversation when you
try to bargain. Ten Euro worth of summer hat becomes eight Euro
and you become so delighted. Then they have to run as soon as
the policemen really show interest in them and start confiscating
their goods. Where do you all come from? All the colors of humanity
in this cosmopolitan city of tourism, history and culture?
How much will you be able to keep after a hard-day of hawkings
and running? How much will your family get from this 8Euro per hat
goods you offer? How long will you work today while we complain
about the heat, about the 5.50 Euro worth of a small bottle of
water we ordered from this "tourist trap" restaurant in front
of the Colosseo. Will you have a place to go home to? Will you have
to live in constant fear of being arrested for not having the right
papers, for not having the "right" color of skin to enjoy Bella
Italia? How do you feel looking at us waving to us your hats,
fans, umbrellas and shawls while we look down upon you still not
certain whether to get one fan or not until the tourist bus leaves
and we forget all about you, and we are just confronted with
our own discomfort, budget and safety. I wish I could one day tell you all, okey today you
will all take a rest from your work. I will buy all your goods
or you could keep your wares but enjoy a holiday today. See the
city with another eyes, without your fear, without your anxiety.
At least one day to enjoy Bella Italia!

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