Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Ausflug nach Hamburg

Finally we found a common date for our first excursion but we didn’t realize it would be one of the hottest weekends recorded in Germany. Temperature was going as high as 38+° and so with our excitement. We agreed not to fight, not to have especial wishes and most of all to be tolerant to each other. One for all, all for one.
The train ride from Bonn to Hamburg took about four and half hours which we didn’t feel at all as we were busy finishing a bottle of sparkling wine, homemade cake, bought croissants and salted bagels, strawberries, plums, pieces of honey melons and samosas. One train employee selling coffee even willingly took some of our offered honey melons. We were not bothered anymore as they could see our compartment was turning into an instant dining room. Some women travelers passing by our compartment were giving us the thumb-ups. For the bottle of sparkling wine early morning? Enjoy the photos!


 Heinrich Heine (1797-1850)
 How did she manage that?
 The new wave in city touring
 One shopping arcade near Jungfernstieg
 The "Maedels" in Alster
 Thank you for your appreciation
 Honouring the Beatles
 Cyclassics Tournament
 More ice cream to ignore the heat
 Hans Hummel-famous water carrier, a symbol of Hamburg

 Visiting the periphery

 Brunch the next day in SH
Mango Frappiato before taking the train back to Köln

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