Sunday, 24 March 2013

Colorful World on Palm Sunday in The Netherlands

 Instead of palm fronds, sprigs of boxwood, myrtle, willow, yew or olive leaves are blessed to celebrate Palm Sunday, the start of the Holy Week for Christians.
 Children choir De Kernzangers of Felicitas Parochie waiting for the start of the Holy Mass
 Children leading the Community Prayer and Petitions
 For this particular Palm Sunday, children read on the situation of farmers in Honduras.
 More on the hard work of people especially children in Honduras. For their part, the kids were able to collect some 200Euro to donate to children of Honduras.
 Preparation for the Holy Communion
 Children Carrying Gift "Chandelier" for sick children in one hospital
 Looking for the right term for this pole or chandelier made of candies and other gifts prepared by the children for sick kids in a hospital somewhere in Spijkennisse
Filipinas attending the Holy Mass in Sint Felictias Kerk: Mila, Claire, Mherzy and Betsy

I am posting below one of the songs rendered by the De Kernzangers during the Holy Mass with the English rough translation provided by google and minor corrections from me.
In het kleurboek van de wereld zijn de kleuren ingevuld.
zwarte aarde, rode rozen,
geel geworden golvend graan.
Blauwe druiven, paarse heide,
groene wei en witte zwaan.
Vul de dagen van je leven met je eigen kleuren in.

Elke bladzij is weer anders, elke dag een nieuw begin (2x).
In het kleurboek van de wereld zijn de kleuren ingevuld.
Rood, je schaamt je, groen is afgunst,
blauw dat word je van de kou.
Paars van woede, wit van kwaadheid,
geel van nijd en zwart in rouw.
Als het kleurboek van jezelf is, kies je toch jouw kleuren uit.
Groen natuurlijk, geel gelukkig,
blauw, je voelt je sterk als staal.
Rood voor liefde, roze vriendschap,
kleurling zijn we allemaal.


In the coloring book of the world, colors are filled in
black earth, red roses,
turned yellow wavy grain.
Blue grapes, purple heather,
green meadow and white swan.
Refrain: Enter the days of your life with your own colors.
  Each page is different, every day is a new beginning (2x).
The coloring of the world are the colors filled:
Red, for shame,  green for envy,
blue that you become the cold.
Purple with rage, white with anger,
yellow from envy and black in mourning.
In your own coloring book,  you still choose your colors.
Green for being natural , yellow for happiness
blue for feeling strong  as steel.
Red for love, pink for friendship
we are all colorful. 

Have a Meaningful Holy Week!

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