Sunday, 5 May 2013

Remembering dear Father Avel

We are saying goodbye to a dearly loved and respected friend and parish priest of the Filipino Community in Barcelona, Father Avel Sapida. A staunch supporter for the rights of migrants, he founded the Centro Filipino, a center for Filipino migrants in the capital city of Catalunya, Spain where migrants come looking for consultation, help and celebrate small gatherings. Courses and other info activities on the situation of migrants especially in Barcelona are offered in the Centro Filipino San Benito. 

Fr. Avel being given a recognition from Diwata, the women's network in Greece during Babaylan's 20th Year of Celebration in Barcelona in 2012.

Below is one of the hundreds of tribute to Father Avel.

As a priest, a friend, a brother, a father or a grandfather, what FR. AVEL had done will always be a significant part in the history of the Filipino Community in Barcelona. He will always be remembered as THE ONE WHO CAME, THE ONE WHO SEARCHED AND THE ONE WHO GATHERED.

To you Fr. Avel, thank you very much for unconditionally loving the Filipino community in Barcelona. For opening our eyes to the plight of our kababayans abroad. For defending, protecting and fighting for the rights of migrant workers.

I heartily thank you for touching my life, for showing and inspiring me to serve our Kababayans in my own little way. I will always remember you, Fr. Avel. The man I truly admire and look up to. Rest in peace and may you have a pleasant journey to a place where happiness is eternal and love is everlasting.

I join the whole Filipino community in Catalunya in praying for the eternal repose of Fr. Avel Sapida.
From Nats Sisma Villaluna.

 Today, May 5, Greece is celebrating Easter Sunday. I would like to share my video where Fr. Avel explained briefly the meaning of Easter. Video was taken during Easter Sunday celebration in Barcelona in 2011.

We found a home in Barcelona in his presence.

Babaylanes Women Honouring Father Avel

Such a loving host, spoiling us and even tolerating our "splurging" moods by driving us around. 

You will surely be missed, Fr. Avel.

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