Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Film Recommendation: Madame Mallory und der Duft von Curry (One Hundred Foot Journey)

Info Source: Leseprobe & Rezepte zum Film vom Piper

The Hundred Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais reads in German, "Madame Mallory und Der Duft von Curry." When I saw the preview of the film in July this year, I instantly noted it would be our next "Kinotag" film as soon as it is showing in our city. But August as usual is a holiday month and we were out of the nest. It would only be this early September that we were able to watch it, not on a film day when films cost half the usual price but it was worth our time and money. 

I remember the film starting with a handsome Indian boy holding a sea urchin in his hands, and instantly this scene brought me back to childhood memories when holidays were spent in the home of our grandparents who lived not so far from the shore of South China Sea. Excursions to the nearby shore gave us chance to catch sea urchins, open and taste them but I remember the little me not liking the raw taste of it. 

It is a feel-good film. I love the images, can smell the spices and imagine how delicious the served food would be. The setting is also a wonderful village somewhere in France and not to forget the leading lady is no other than Queen Helen Mirren. 

After watching the film, we were cravings for our samoosas and alou tikka but it was late in the evening to go to our favorite Indian resto in the city. So reaching home, I opened the freezer to defroze the samoosas I purchased a week before in an Indian shop. I thought they taste more delicious after watching the beautiful film on food culture, on family relationship, on clash of cultures and specially on spices. Go see it and feel good.

Samoosas eaten with tamarind sauce
The Film: Madame Mallory und Der Duft von Curry.
Starring: Helen Mirren, Om Puri, Manish Dayal, Charlotte Le Bon
Regie: Lasse Hallström

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