Saturday, 14 April 2007

Prince Frog Has Returned

The Prince Charming Frog of my neighbor's mini pond has heralded
its return for this year's summer with its croakings tonight.
Hubby has instantly baptized the Prince as Frog Arthur...he has
finally returned or resurfaced from his deep winter sleep. I wonder
if this is the same charming frog which kept us wide awake
in the summery nights of the past year.

His croakings have reached now such an alarming crescendo keeping
me company until four in the morning while I shift my time between
surfing and blogging.

I think my book on Chinese Feng-shui suggests that I place
a figurine of frog in the balcony for good luck. What about a leaping
and croaking frog in the garden, a bringer of double luck?
Have to consult the book again to see if there are small
writings on the side effects of frog Feng-shui. Maybe,lucky but
puyat naman...lacking in sleep.

It's nearing five, and slowly I feel I am about to doze off but wait...
how about surfing for the recipe on how to make frog relleno?

Croak, croak, croak.

Pinay von Alemania

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Iris said...

Pinay're funny and sensible at the same time...
love your postings. More of them...