Monday, 25 June 2007

Handy turns 15

Just learned that Handy turns 15 years today while watching
TV. Handy to the Germans and mobile to the non-Germans?

My first mobile would not fit that name Handy, though. It was
actually a mini walkie-talkie and an object of much teasing
when I visited the home country once with it. "Aba, kaskasan ng yelo
pa yan model ninyo pala sa Europa!" "Hoy, you're still using that
ice-shaver model from Europe," was the favorite one-liner tease.
Or these remarks complete with introductory praises:
"Magaling to. Maraming games to." This is excellent. It has many
functions, many games. You can use your mobile for truth or
consequence game, or it is not so heavy, just throw it away!

I think I have not thrown my first Handy yet. It is somewhere in our
flat, maybe in the cellar together with those stuffs waiting to be
sorted out:trinkets, magazines, copies of reports, marmalade
glasses,gloves, baking pans, electric typewriter and bamboo poles.
Yes, we have two bamboo poles imported from China keeping watch
over other boxes of stuffs also waiting to be sorted out in the cellar.
"Puedeng panglitson,sa tutuo lang."

But back to the Handy's turning 15 today. It reminds me of our
networking which is also celebrating its 15th anniversary this 2007
with the theme Gender, Migration and Development. Maybe we could
discuss on the forms of our communication through these years
from telephone, emails, cellphones, chatting and Skyping and their
role to the present situation of the network. More inspiration and
concern with faster communication or more distraction?

The TV moderator commented that the Handy is still very much in
its "youthful" year and it shows so much promise of development.

Hallo! Hear that, dear women in our network.

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