Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Siebenschlaefertag Seven Sleepers Day on June 27

Here comes the sun...mild temperature, birds are chirping and one
small bee is buzzing around our Hortensien or Milflores blooming
wildly now in lila colors in our mini terrace...fresh, clear air,
promising a good summer? Welcome Siebenschläfertag!

Das Wettter am Siebenschläfertag sieben Wochen bleiben mag.
Wie's Wetter am Siebenschläfertag, so der Juli werden mag.
Ist der Siebenschläfer nass, regnet es ohne Unterlass.
Regnet's am Siebenschläfertag, es sieben Wochen regnen mag.

What the weather brings on Siebenschläfer day
For the next seven weeks will be the same.
Rain on Siebenschläfer
Seven weeks wet weather!

These are my rough translations and summary of the German country
sayings (Bauernregeln)about weather forecast on June 27,
Siebenschläfertag or Seven Sleepers Day. And as the saying goes,
if the weather is fine on June 27, then the weather for the next
seven weeks will also be good and if it is rainy and stormy,then
I should say you will have all the time to blog. So check before you
book for a holiday in Germany and ask if the hotel has Hotspots
for all eventualities.

The origin of the word Siebenschläfer traces back to the legend of
the Seven Youth i.e. Maximiniamus, Jamblicus, Martinian, Johannes, Dionysius,Constantinus,Malchus and Serapion who hid in a cave
somewhere in Ephesus (West Turkey) during the persecution of
Christians under the Roman Emperor Decius in 251. They were walled
up within the cave but God protected them by putting them into sleep
for 195 years. They were released on June 27, in the year 446.

Alle sieben können übrigens als Patrone gegen Schlaflogsigkeit
angerufen werden - es müssen ja nicht gleich 195 Jahre sein. Bayerischer Rundfunk 2006

For those who are suffering from insomnia, these are the holy
men to be invoked for help but not necessarily for 195 years of sleep.

My very first information about this Siebenschläfer came from
Christoph who lived with us together with his girlfriend Krystel
and her son Oliver and his three parakeets and a pair of guinea pigs
in a Wohngemeinschaft, a sort of apartment or house sharing.
Ours was in the third floor of a pre-Second World War house with high
stuccoed ceilings,and we comfortably shared the 140 sq. meter
residence, enough space for our own bookshelves,privacy,joint
cooking and dining and for the parakeets to explore all the open rooms.

But the saying which instantly comes to my mind came from
our Dutch friend who taught me this Bauernregel on Siebenschläfer.
He is now a successful lawyer.
“Wenn der Hahn kräht auf dem Mist, dann ändert sich das Wetter,
oder es bleibt wie es ist”.
When the rooster crows on the dungheap, then the weather will
change, or stay as it is.

Kapag ang tandang ay tumitilaok sa ipot,
magbabago ang panahon
o mananatili ganon.

Watch out for the weather today and let us compare notes after
seven weeks, okey? Or share some of your sayings about
the weather.

Payong, sunglasses, abaniko
Alin sa kanila dito
Payong, sunglasses, abaniko
Alin sa kanila dito?


Heide said...

Moin ML
wenn's an Lichtmess stürmt und schneit ist der Sommer nicht mehr weit, und gut soll er dann auch werden. '007 war es an Lichtmess 2.2 viel zu warm, der Sommer fand dann im April statt und wenn tatsächlich heute ist, dann wird sich wohl all den verpassten Schlaf des vergangenen Jahres in den kommenden 7 Wochen nacholen können, darauf freue ich mich.
Uns im Norden hat der Siebenschläfer heute fast all Äpfel, Boskop and Cox Orange, von den Bäumen gehauen, ist bei uns nicht Kirschenkehren sondern Äpfelfegen angesagt, viele Grüße aus dem total verregneten Norden, übrigens auch vom Buddha aus der Rothenbaumschausses.


Gordon said...

Rainbow in the morning, travellers take a warning,
Rainbow at night,
traveller's delight.