Saturday, 8 December 2007

Christmas Wishes per Web

from Maya: Christmas greetings.

2. Dez. (Vor 1 Tag)

Give me a smile
for Christmas
oh, so nostalgic
for beginnings
oh, to forget
the folly
and ragings,
lost the innocence
of our birth,

Give me a smile
this Christmas
the skies
are pale in Paris
the chill
in our wombs,
the waning passions
and worry
our dreams,

Give me a smile,
this Christmas,
forget politics
and commerce,
let our Christmas
remember the birth,
the innocence
the healing, the
unfearful loving,
the scent of myrrh,
and hope lighting
the stars, oh,

Give me a smile
for Christmas..

From Maria Thelma

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