Sunday, 23 December 2007

On the 23rd Day of Christmas...dreaming


Or shall I call it dress rehearsal for the final
eating day on the holy night of christmas.
First, the "saling cat-cat na cake"
which according to my girlfriend Yvonne tasted good
and wanted another huge serving but without raisins and
other dried what will be the next request,
no flour, no sweeteners, no joy?

Then she surprisingly came with a real devilish
tasting chocolate cake this weekend for my hubby
who was celebrating his birthday (just in case you
women would be complaining why I got a huge cake
extra while you brought home only some tasty morsels
from our Friday eat and meet and founding night
of the OTAP (Organization of Truly Attractive Pinays!).

Then I got my attack of advent depression
thinking of puto bumbongs and other treats back home
after simbang gabi (mass held during four am!)
so I decided to get my ancient and unused puto bumbong
maker from our cellar (it refuses to get hot in my electric range...
choosy puto bumbong maker)to remind good friends of their
promised pasalubongs when they return to Alemanya in January.
My manita Marilou refuses to go to Chinatown to get my
hopyas even if she has signed a promissory note of pasalubong
(Mitbringsel), saying...oy hindi! no way!

On the 23rd Day of Christmas, my truly love said to me...
when do you clear up?
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