Wednesday, 30 January 2008

International Sweets and Biscuits Fair Part 2...The Fair

The Super Tuesday- Visit to the ISM, Cologne
What a double treat that my pasalubongs from
Padova of tocino and langgonisa plus the polvorons
from my mother would give me a free ticket to this
fair of sweets and biscuits held annually in the city
of Cologne. Thanks to Felinda and Enrico of Del Conte
Cioccolato sublime from Villa del Conte, Italy for the
treat and for bringing me the sweets pasalubong from
Anggie and Cecil of Padova plus the polvoron brought
by Irene from her holiday in the Philippines.
How about these tempting names of fingergoodies to
add to your favorite things:
Sesame Halva from Bolero
Cocoa Wafer Sticks
Marschmallows from Don Juan
Morbidi alla frutta
Neole d'Abruzzo
Marmelade for cheese and meat
Ice Cream without Freezing
Panecillos Tostados
Drogistendrop from Holland
Honey bars
Magic Fruits Beauty Snack
Candy Floss
and hundreds and hundreds of temptations

I discovered the booths of Philippine goods dealing with
chocolate chip cookies, fita spread, boas or
toasted lady fingers, apas-thin biscuits,
camachile-crunchy cookies double
cream sandwich cookies called Smileys, galletas
or egg craclets. Brought home a handful of
samples but my heart was longing for the
broas but they are strictly for display!
Lucena here I come!


rajah taba said...

WoW - wie zeitgemäss doch dieses Stück Prosa ist! Heute nämlich erklärte Bundesminister Seehofer, über zwei Drittel der deutschen Männer und die Hälfte der teutonischen Frauen seien zu dick! Das ist doch allemal einen Besuch dieser fulminaten Messe wert - gelle?

Cheers Rajah Taba

Mindoro said...

Wow! How much energy! Really enjoyable! Very Good, ML


lily said...

yummie, pero ano po yun Hiya?