Sunday, 18 October 2009

Conference in Amsterdam: Crisis and Migration

CRISIS AND MIGRATION - is Another Development Possible?
Conference Communique Amsterdam 16.18. October 2009

This conference expresses a desire to explore the
possibilities of continuing the dialogue and cooperation
between migrant organizations and networks established at
this conference. In particular we note that we consider:
- The context of the current global crisis as an opportunity
and a challenge to reclaim the agenda of migration,
development and human rights.

- We also identify the realities of repression of migrant
rights and the increasing criminalisation of migrants
in Fortress Europe.

- We recognize the need to make more visible migrant
communities and movements as transnational actors in
reclaiming the right to a people centered development.

Building on the positive experience of working together in
preparing the PGA 2009, we propose to further strengthen
our co-operation as a European Network.

The Convernors of this Conference undertake to explore
and initiate the possibilities of joint initiatives
or campaign towards the development of a Pan European
migrant network.
(draft Conference Communique Amsterdam 18. October 2009)

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