Thursday, 15 October 2009

Pasalubong from America, The Beautiful

Last year, the same month almost the same date, I got the same
package of Pasalubong coming from friends who have immigrated
to the Land of Milk and Honey and are now travelling every now
and then the Olde World Europe.
Last year, Cora spoiled me with her packs of Babe Ruth and
this time upstaging his sister, Noel B. gave me a box
of this finger goodies plus his alternative popcorns.
What a treat after my fasting the last week.
America, the Beautiful...why your chocolates tease me
no end no matter how long I have been staying in Europe.
As one writer was saying...Patriotism is the memory of
food eaten during childhood.
Thanks Noel B. for the treat. May there will be
more opportunities for you to come over with these
treasures from the land of Mr. Obama.

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