Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Concert with the University of Santo Tomas Singers

For a change...Germany in the midst of football fever, we found out
that a visiting Philippine choral group was to give a concert in
Grevenbroich. Emma B. and Manang Agnes arranged for the
reservation of the tickets with lunch and merienda at the home of
one Ella T. in Rheydt. Lunch with concert! A rare treat. Kare-kare
with fried fish and guinataang sari-sari. Concert was not in
Grevenbroich but in Korschenbroich...also with broich but
definitely another place in NRW.
To keep the story short as I have to see another match, Spain vs.
Switzerland, I'm posting a video clip of one of my fav songs
rendered by all visiting choral groups...Waray-Waray...the song
of the strong Waray-Waray women.

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