Tuesday, 1 March 2011

March Fool's Day - Domestic Goddess' Blues

This week has been neatly planned. I would do a general
cleaning, throw more papers, clear up clutters and try a cake
recipe. For the last plan, I bought myself a new kitchen timer,
in the form of a white boiled egg with the top removed, the
yolk looks so ready for breakfast.

After checking out what pans and other baking gadgets
I might have, I took the new kitchen timer and set the time
for 15 minutes. It made two or more tick tocks and stopped.
I touched the egg timer and it started "ticking and tocking"
like a normal kitchen timer should do. But as soon as I left
it standing on the table, it refused to work, no tick tocking
at all.

It was a sunny first day of March this year with the temperature
to go as high as 11°C. Why should one spend such a beautiful
day sorting out papers and scrubbing?

What a good thing that the kitchen timer was not functioning.
I could leave the flat without guilt for not keeping the
planned cleaning agenda.

Meanwhile, the radio was broadcasting the news on the resignation of
zu Guttenberg who has been under heavy pressure even in his own
CSU Party for the plagiarism affair in connection with his dissertation.
Tja..."Adel verpflichtet," as the expression goes. Was it the pressure
or his own realization that the only decent thing left now is to
leave the political arena. Maybe for the meantime. Who knows?

In Saturn, where I bought my egg timer, I told the saleslady that
the kitchen timer must have a design defect. It is actually
a shaker as it won't tick tack if not shaken. She was not
amused, I had the feeling. I got a replacement.

Now I can't help but smile thinking what if I set the egg timer
and it starts jumping?

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