Thursday, 12 May 2011

Price Hike for Groceries and Food Shopping for a Day

On my way to the city to fetch groceries, I saw the headline in a local
newspaper this morning. It says "Prices for Foodstuffs Increase
up to 43%. Aha,I was telling myself, as a legendary economical wife,
this means I must also increase the household allowance up to 43% at
least for the basic groceries. Would this entail another marital
discussion about my stuffing the pantry with goods which would be
forgotten and found only past their expiry dates?
Earlier today, I planned to have a fruit day either with
fresh pineapples with kiwis and bananas but soon changed my
mind when I passed by my favorite Turkish grocery and saw
huge, ripe papayas attractively piled up in their white lacy
anti-dent nets along with water melons and plastic boxes of
delicate raspberries.One whole piece of papaya costs 7.99 Euro
(why they won't round off the price remains a big riddle to me)
which is still cheap compared to the price of imported
fruits sold in the city center. Luckily, we have localities in
this city which I would also call as areas with migration
background where one could still freely touch and smell
fruits without getting scolded by the shopkeeper.
And passing by the Moroccan fish dealer minutes later, I knew I
just had to forgo my fruit day for a another date.
I bought a kilo of fresh sardines for 5.99 Euro(again no
rounding off)and paid after a small talk with the friendly
Moroccan man. He assured me that I could freeze, grill,
cook the sardines and they would taste fresh from the
seas. Did he say Atlantic Ocean? I don't remember but
I paid him 6 Euro for my sardines. He rounded if off, finally.
So for the day, I spent all in all for one piece of papaya,
one kilo of sardines, one bunch of parsley, a pack of green peppers
and a bunch of young green onions - 16.76 Euro. I love this
shopping streets with migration background but I won't think
of them in our marital discussion about increasing the
food allowance. It's official...43% more. Basta!

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