Thursday, 16 June 2011

AZKALS Come to the City of Dueren

They named themselves "AZKALS", a construct from Aso meaning dog(s)
and Kalye, street. You can't miss the meaning;dogs roaming in
the street without owners. I read somewhere that they chose this
name as the team from the start has no financial support from the
government and has to fight for its presence in the basketball-crazy
land of the Pin@ys.
I associate football as games of the boys coming from Catholic
schools especially from the expensive ones. Players are so rich that
they refuse to obey their coaches and would rather indulge in
inter-schools brawls than learning techniques.
The first player (he was wearing the team jersey) I talked to
comes from Ilo-ilo. Didn't even see his number but he was very
nice and said that he likes it here in Dueren; "Tahimik dito",
peaceful here.
Soon the rustical football field was filled with screaming
voices of women and hearty Pin@ys "kantiaws". I heard one Pinoy
saying like "ayan na si Bulitlit" (here comes the small one),
"si Bisaya yan" (he is Bisaya), "makulit yan" (he's insistent),
"Banat" (more force) and "magaling yan, kaya lang nag-iisa yan!"
(he's brilliant but he's the only one!). Life in this German
football field on this summery day in June.
Enjoy the photos. My camera is not fit to take fast moves
of the visiting AZKALS. Wish them more wins and luck.
Mabuhay kayo! Awooooooooooooooo!

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Anonymous said...

good to know about them through your posts otherwise never knew they exist,thanks.may mga mistisuhin din sa kanila no?e yung mga kumakanta nung alternative hymn,taga Germany?c KNP mo naka red bag ;-D