Sunday, 26 June 2011

Internationales und interkulturelles Kultur-und Begegnungsfest 2011

Internationales und interkulturelles Kultur-und Begegnungsfest
Freizetpark, Rheinaue
Rain, shower or sunshine, the festival went on. The bad weather in
the region didn't hinder people coming to the annual festival
featuring international groups and associations with cultural shows
and food booths. The event took place in June this year instead in
September with 100 different associations and initiatives participating.
I missed my Pin@y Buchi (buns filled with mongo beans)though and
giant papayas normally sold by an African group. I bought some
homemade chitcharons (cracklings) and got pabaon of homemade achara
(pickled papaya and suman (ricecake wrapped in banana leaves).
Consolation for the headache the next day due to exposure to the
uncooperating bad weather that day. Would it be better to have it
again after summer, in September? Calling the City of Bonn.

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