Sunday, 4 December 2011

2nd Sunday of Advent

Apfelstrudel to go
Weihnachtsmarkt near Cologne Cathedral
More rounds of Glühwein. In English translation, it is called mulled wein or wein which has been heated with spices and sugar. Better take some aspirins before you indulge in drinking mugs of the season's drink.
Marlys and Michael showing me mugs of hot chocolate with rhum known in Muenster as Lumumba. We decided to call it Mandela for the Kölner version of this comforting drink. Second Sunday of Advent for this year but the weather is not fitting to the season. It's grey, stormy and raining, not a great day to venture to the Christmas market to smell roasted almonds and drink hot chocolate with rhum. The start of the week was beautiful though giving me chance to visit another Christmas market in the center of the city, near the famous Kölner Dom and meet a visiting couple of bloggers who taught me what Lumumba is. Now, let me see if I could do my own concoction while staying domestic this second Sunday of Advent.

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