Sunday, 11 December 2011

Hanging Love Padlocks in Hohenzollern Bridge

When I saw some years ago these padlocks hanging in the steel nets of Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne, I thought they were padlocks for the bikes. Once we held a conference for Babaylan Europe, our hotel and conference site was across the bridge coming from the main station and this gave me many chances to see the steel nets of padlocks again and observe at a close range the romantic ritual of kissing, hugging, hanging the padlocks and throwing the keys to the river. Of course, with much camera clicking as you can imagine. Nope, not for their bikes but for their love as I learned later. This is the famous Hohenzollern Bridge where lovers come, bringing their padlocks, kiss and swear love to each other, hang the padlocks and throw the keys to Rhein (river Rhine) below. If you have extra time when visiting the Dom City, go near the bridge and enjoy the view of the river and the old city. True friendship could also be symbolically sealed with padlocks before you indulge in not so much romantic activities like drinking famous Kölsch and eating German sausages and pork knuckles. And when lovers spats break out later for whatever reason, remember your relationship has been sealed in this lovelock and the key is never to be found again.

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Redruby said...

this is very interesting..was in cologne twice but never had the chance to go in this part of the bridge..nice to see a fellow pinay in the blogosphere..ingat po!