Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Rose Monday in Cologna

It rains chocolates and roses in this stronghold of Carnival celebration on Rosenmontag or Rose Monday. Millions of visitors flock to the city waiting for the huge parade and floats while native onlookers scream for Kamelle (sweets) and Strüssje (flowers). All over in Viva Cologna, one hears Alaaf and not Helau. Alaaf traces it origin to Fürst Metternich in his letter saying Cölle al aff meaning Köln über alles (Köln above all). Rosenmontag is the biggest day of the so-called Tolle Tage (crazy days)for merrymaking before the seasons ends on Ash Wednesday but the jecken (clowns) will come back to life on November 11, at 11.11am. Hope you get the mood by watching the video and looking at some of the photos from the Rosenmontag parade.

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