Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Can you spare a 50 Euro bill please?

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While clearing the aftermath of our tiramisu meet and eat
(will post later on this), I heard from WDR 2 something
about fake Euro bills and the release of one German hostage
in Iraq. There is a circulating speculation on the amount
of ransom paid by the German government regarding the release
but I was amusing myself with the thought that there must
be a correlation between rise in counterfeiting Euro bills
and talks about ransom.
If ransom is involved, who would be more keen on
recognizing fake bills from the genuine ones? The giver?
The receiver? Just an amusing thought early this morning.
But I really checked on my 50 Euro bills (not that I have
them all the time at home like a dutiful, economical but
loving wife and please don't confuse economical with
economic says my dictionary of contemporary English) stashed
away in this Da Vinci Code book and googled some tips
on how to tell fake from my faith in these 50Euro bills.
So if you wish, do check these how to tell tips

and take note this short tip from an economically loving wife:
*Bill should not be slippery but according to
the German word 'griffig' which is translated in English
as handy! Hah! Handy Euro bills! With the bill, of course,
we are talking about the paper money, bank note.It should
not easily slip out of your fingers when you are feeling
the note. (Hallo Tita Sol, I know you are thinking
of something else because you are a flute player!)
*If you are managing a paluwagan then be extra careful in
getting the dues from your banking ala Pinay group or get yourself
a fake bill detector.(The detector should not be fake but should
help you in sorting out your notes.)It should be worth the cost as you
could lend it to other economical wives for them to
check bills handed by the dutiful Breadwinners for their budget.
*And just for about surprising yourself with redux of
"Wanted Penpal" in one or two bills, write your sites, links, whatever
and see who will heed your SOS. BTW, I still say that word, Baduy.
You see, living abroad makes you really economical with trendy Pinay
or Pinoy words despite the mighty web. But check your bills and if
in doubt,give them back to the giver. And if you really are sure
you have fake bills in your piggy banking, I could offer these
a) Try depositing them back to your saving banks. According to one
introduction to this phenomenon of counterfeiting Euro notes,
even some banks employees could not tell the fake from the real
ones. So to whom shall we go?
b) Check local Lotto dealer for fake bills detector. If none, pay
the fake note and if you win, don't forget our developmental
projects for our dear Motherland.
b) Try donating them to a church. It has such a power it could
convince any bank to convert their collection to any amount worthy
of time deposit interest. Maybe local banks or your favorite church
will donate them further to a more powerful institution...
the Vatican Bank. Who knows, it could mean that the cycle has been
completed. Just entertaining amusing thoughts this one summery

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