Sunday, 15 July 2007

Fatima and Her Love Song

She will wring my neck if she finds out I posted
our experimental mini musical in my blogs but
I've taken a liking in her song...humming it
when I am searching for papers, folders or cds
in what I call "life is found in movements" writing
desk. She explained to me once that the song
means "I can not lie to you." I would like to
propose this song to be one of the campaign songs
of our politicians. Will ask Fatima to give me the
complete lyrics before she finds out I have her
immortalized in my pinay kaleidoscopic blog.
So here's our experimental mini musical
"Fatima and Her Song"

Apropos on lying...we do have songs, romantic pledges
on similar lines, right?
I remember these lines...
"Hindi baleng huwag mo akong mahalin
Huwag mo lang akong tawaging Sinungaling."
(It is not important if you won't love me
but just don't call me a liar.)
In the same vein, one could also sing:
"Hindi na baleng ako ay inyong botohin
Pagsisinungaling ay aking galing."
(It is alright if you give me your vote
My best talent is lying.)

Any song you could share about love and lying?
Puede din yun lying and vote loving.

Dear Fat, please don't get mad
if your friends chance on this experimental solo
performance, just tell them you are trying to do
a bit of political awareness raising through this
love song.

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Gul said...

Could we have the complete song please? Please email us.
Interesting short film