Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Things We Do in Summer: Climb Every Mountain

While I listed some summery tags in Bulongbulongan I am posting
here some of my favorite summer photos. These ones were taken
during a trekking tour in Hochgernhaus in Southern Germany
organized by dear friends Moni and Caro for some multi-cultural
mountain trekking neophytes who would prefer to stay in the
beerhouses down in the valley than enjoy the breathtaking view
after the hard climb.
Plans are on the way for another tour and if you wish to join
us, just email and we could arrange a weekend climb if Moni
is still willing to guide us. Meanwhile, enjoy the digitalized
moments without having to perspire.

And finally, beer and shiatsu for the dear guide


Carnation said...

wow nice view! i also like the mountains!

Hannah said...

Can we have the address of this wonderful place. Thanks for the tips.
Very interesting postings you have.


Maria said...

kumusta...nice fotos nga :-) just dropping by :-)