Monday, 9 June 2008

Dreaming a Pinay Team for the Cup


After my posting in my other blog of the future Pinoy team to play
in the World Cup,I am now creating this all Pinay Football team.
Let's see which team will make it to the semi-finals.

Pinay Matamisin Football Club

1. Macapuno, Alice
2. Cutsinta, Irma
3. Leche, Flavia
4. Bibingka, Flor
5. Pinipig, Rowena
6. Cassava, Bingbing
7. Akay-akay, Elda
8. Budbud, Edna
9. Budin, Nelly
10.Biko, Debbie
11.Guinatan, Gina
1. Sago, Marilou
2. Sapin-Sapin, Hermie
3. Jaleang, Violeta
4. Suman, Angela
5. Calamay, Claire
6. Panderetas, Marilyn
7. Reyna, Blanca
8. Puto, Thelma
9. Turron, Yvonne
10.Piyaya de Hopia, Pia
11.Gulaman, Victoria
Goalkeeper Extra
Palitao, Solita

If you know any Pinay with these delicious names, please
get in touch with me. Will invite her to a merienda in
my nest. No Joke!

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