Friday, 13 June 2008

June Ramblings from Independence Day to Paraskevidekatriaphobia

June 12 - Philippine Independence Day, celebration of our declaration
of independence from Spain in 1898.
I declared to be free from some of my blackheads and enjoy the
promised Facial Treatment and Massage birthday gift of Sol on my
8th day of Fasting.But she has condition. We should go for
a power walk first at nine in the morning in the woods near her
residence. No problem I thought as this would just be fitting
for my fasting ritual. I could need some extra burning of
calories as my heavy weight won't declare independence from me.

June 12 this year is one of those so called Schafskälte days
when instead of basking in the sun, people would wear winter
clothes because of the sudden fall in temperature. This
weather phenomenon happens between 10 and 20 of June in Middle
Europe. (Source:

Like a meek lamb, I was trying my best to keep up with
the Olympic tempo of Sol and her other walkathon partner who
must be a bit frustrated with me as she had to break her
fast walking. It rained a bit, too.

Finally back to her place, she immediately made me comfortable
(with servings of tea and water) and started her magic.
Soothing music, soft blanket and my self in total surrender.
Wow! This is pure indulgence. Tell you, women get in touch
with her for your next appointment and feel like a newly reborn
after this exclusive facial treatment with massage.
Lunch served (not included in her treatment unless you are
willing to partake of this luxury)rice with Italian Bagoong
tomatoes, Japanese nori. I did not eat but just enjoyed
watching her consume her favorite meal. So this must be the
secret of her radiance was thinking to myself while taking
my cup of vegetable broth nearer to me. Sigh!
Home to my hubby in the evening who was not working
on manuscripts but of course match Germany

Friday, 13, day of blogging and my first Aufbautag.
Well, fastbreaking roughly translated in English.
While waiting for the supermarket to open and get fresh
apples as fastbreaker (I need only one piece steamed
apple)I find myself in front of the computer and started to
check emails and new postings and I stumbled upon this
word: paraskevidekatriaphobia
meaning fear of Friday-13th.
Oh, fitting day. It is the day after the match, and Germany
lost to Croatia but no cause for despair, the fans have
been assured, there will be another match to show their
might.Meanwhile, I wonder if many Dutch and French fans
are suffering from Paraskevidekatriaphobia for the match
tonight. So with Italian and Romanian fans.

Now, have to do a short break to get my fresh apples to
break my fasting. Hallo Italian Bagoong, here I come!

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