Sunday, 28 November 2010

Getting Creative on First Sunday of Advent

Was in the market the other day thinking of what to buy to
add a bit of festive spirit in my flat now that the first
Sunday of Advent is coming. As usual, just a bit of greens
and some commercial candles of all possible colors cost
a fortune and they all look the same. Prices range from
15 up if one wants a good to look at holiday decor just
in time for the start of Christmas.
I normally make my own simple Christmas decor using
nuts, fruits, greens and candles. This time I have two
Kakis ready to eat for the Sunday brunch. Next Sunday,
I might have oranges or apples...pineapple might be too
huge for the Teller (plate) but maybe you have bought
the new breed good for Christmas decoration and flown in
just for the season.
Advent, Advent, the season of expectation, of waiting
and here's a quote I saw this morning regarding
Brian Tracy: Expectation Quotes
"Your attitude is an expression of your values, beliefs and

Send me some photos of your own creation. Let's share
them. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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