Sunday, 7 November 2010

Integrationsknigge: New Word Learned "Eiersollbruchstellenverursacher"

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Just in time for the renewed debate on integration of foreigners
in Germany, I learned a new German word while attending
a seminar on "Internationale Handlungskompetenz". A seminar in
English with this topic could include: decision making and
responsibility, negotiating skills, hands-on expertise,
performance capabilities, occupational competence,
leadership skills, action competence, authority to do,
professional skills, social and inter-cultural communication
talents, etc.
For my fellow migrants in Germany, don't worry, this is not
a required seminar to get a permanent permit of stay nor
a part of that compulsory integration course.
Yes, you might think this should be rather a compulsory
seminar if not a course for many public and government
officials who are back to making capital out of
the renewed integration debate. Remember a high ranking
CDU official who had the gall to say "Lieber Kinder als
Inder" (better have children than have Indian migrants)
during a debate on the granting of especial migrant
visa status for IT experts for Germany.
For an updated info, see this link for the current state on the
debate on integration.
Now back to what I really want to blog on the newest
German word I learned...Eiersollbruchstellenverursacher
a word which came out of my friend's mouth
during our brunch after our seminar on hands-on
expertise i.e. Handlungskompetenz.
It is a compound word consisting of egg and cause of breaking
point which is just impossible to translate. Minutes later, I found
this English translation, not egg tickler nor beheader but
an egg clacker.
Who needs it?
If it's one item on the language proficiency exam for
obtaining a German passport, I get one correct answer.
At least hindi itlog sa exam!

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