Monday, 15 November 2010

Supporting the neighborhood economy

My first act when I returned to my village after a brief holiday
in Budapest was to buy a kilo of these locally harvested
walnuts. I saw the sign Walnuts for Sale for 3.50Euro per kilo in
front of a house on the street near our local post office.
I thought time has really changed. Even my neighbors are now
selling nuts from their backyard. But the nuts taste really
fresh, sweet as compared to the imported nuts from USA which
cost only about 2Euro a pack from the supermarket. The ones
from the USA are bigger and cleaner but taste a bit old and
moldy. I wonder how long have they been stored in some German
import houses and released just in time for Christmas season.
Well, I have my locally harvested nuts for consumption and the
US nuts could be used as Christmas decors. Nothing is lost.
Bayanihan ala Alemanya. The difference is that I paid for the
nuts. Didn't get it free, didn't work for it either.

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