Friday, 8 July 2011

TGIF! Marketing on Friday

This is not an ad for any product nor study on the current prices
of groceries. I just took an hour or so from my paper works to fetch
from our Friday market what I've been wanting to eat since the other
day. I have been craving for cherries for days but won't give in
to the temptation and buy from the regular fruit store selling
imported huge, round cherries for 11.90Euro a kilo.
While waiting for my turn in this long line of faithful
"Suki" buyers of this most patronized fruits and veggies
stand in this Friday market,I could enjoy hearing the small
talks of the locals: Greetings, "Guten Tag", "He has a stroke and
now in hospital," "She has amaurosis," (I tried hard to remember
the word so I could google it later but I could also have misheard
what the woman has said.),"Korea, that country is poor, isn't it?"
(They were talking about the latest news on the doping case of two
North Korean football players in the Women's World Cup games
happening currently in Germany.), etc, etc, etc. Wish I could tape
all the talks while waiting to get my cherries.
For the purchase of blackberries, strawberries and a kilo
of cherries (see photo above), I paid only 7.40Euro. TGIF! It was
worth waiting for Friday marketing.

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