Thursday, 28 July 2011

Dogs Day

I was posting the other day the short encounter I had with
a German woman who was strolling with her poodle. "Paula, don't
stop on the middle of the road. Go, move futher," she was telling
her curly-haired white poodle. Actually, it was an encounter
with her poodle and not with her as Paula refused to move
and kept on staring back at me...on the middle of the road.
Good there was not much traffic that day. Most probably all gone
to get tanned and escape the German winter this summer.
A day later, (see the photo above)in a neighboring Dutch
village, I met this friendly woman with her flock of Shih Tzu
and other equally "fierce" looking puppies. She agreed to my
shooting her dogs, digital that is, and the puppies showed more
cooperation, stopped and stared back at me.
What could she be telling them later after I said thank you
and praised her flock? "Now, don't be too friendly to
strangers, little puppies. She might post you and you don't
get your royalties."
This is by the way, the day when the Philippine AZKALs,
strayed dogs lost to the national team of Kuwait.
A dog day afternoon.

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