Friday, 22 July 2011

Shopping in Germany

Sure you know that brand. It starts with B. Sandals or clogs,
good for your feet, good for your health, damageproof. For many
years, they have been identified as "official" footwear of German
developmental workers;alternative, sturdy, practical. Worn with socks,
they made a good piece of conversation among the onlookers but
that's another story.
I don't want to give shoes as gifts so I'm buying someone
a pair or two as she claims she couldn't walk comfortably with
other brand of shoes. I tried some pairs and I felt like
I'm a personified Donald Duck...too wide, too long and
felt like I couldn't control my direction. But I have to get
the ordered shoes.
Price ranges from 39.95 to 89.95 depending on the style.
I was so busy looking for the sizes that I didn't see
that they were not all really Made in Germany even if the store
logo says Made in Germany, Tradition since 1774. I realized it
only when I was trying them again at home and read the labels.
Made in Spain, licensed by B. One pair has the label B, Made in
Germany which I got on summer sale for only 24.95Euro It used to
cost 49Euro. Will they get cheaper in winter, I wouldn't know.
The cheapest stuff, pink slippers are Made in
China for 9.99. Very light, a must if you're using public showers
for the holidays. Needless to say, not when you're going to
China. Such stuffs are freebies, you could bring them home
as souvenirs.
The next door leads to an outlet of another German brand; no, not
the one with the monkey which guarantees jobs for Germany.
Posh, too. But I won't say the brand. I didn't get my size.
Besides, how would a personified Donald Duck or Daisy
look like with that designer's suit walking with B'stock?

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