Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The 6th Season Has Started - Asparagus Time

  What's this woman doing in this ad for asparagus, I asked the waiter. He said it is a beautiful thing to look at which can compare to that feeling while eating delicious asparagus. Imagine if that will be a photo of a muscular man posing in adoration of a huge asparagus. It won't surely drive that same effect. Or even George Clooney and asparagus...it does not fit somehow. Right?

Sunny days are here again! With it starts what I term the 6th season after winter, spring, summer, fall, Carnival and now Asparagus time from March to June.
We wanted just to have the normal German fav when we saw the offer of this village restaurant for the whole season:
"Spargelschlacht" for 4 Persons for 59.90Euro which includes non-stop eating Asparagus, plate of  potatoes, porkchops, ham, scrambled eggs, turkey steak and a bottle of white wine. Wow! Was tempted to get the especial menu even if we were only two.  We might still do it considering the length of the season of this white gold in German restaurants.

"I stick to asparagus which still seems to inspire gentle thought."  Charles Lamb

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