Thursday, 8 March 2012

Celebrating International Women's Day

Turkish dinner to celebrate International Women's Day. G gave each one of us to read this piece:

Women's Cry: Not free Even in a Name

When we examine the names given to us,
it makes feel down-hearted and degraded.

We call ourselves females,
look closely the males are there.

Know as we women,
but the word men is annexed.

We pride ourselves as being ladies,
look the word begins with lad.

Be on your grand against being called madam,
because it carries the word Adam.

What about being a human,
a bitter pill again, man is still there.

Chairperson is a feminist coinage,
sadly it ends in son.

Even in simple title like Mrs.,
why should it be derived from Mr.

Look at the word mothers,
is made of others,
who are these others, if not men again.

(Author Unknown)

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