Monday, 26 March 2012

English Mass in a Filipino Community/Holy Week 2012 Observance

Come to Cologne City every last Sunday of the month if you wish to attend a Holy Mass. The Filipino Community of Cologne holds its monthly mass at the church of St. Michael in Bruesseler Platz every 5 pm with lively community music and entertaining homily.
I like the current prayers of the faithful with some lines like these:
"Inspire our elected officials to build a world of peace and goodness and show concern for the good of all. We pray: Father, listen to our prayers.
Make our love grow deeper every day, so that we may share with others their joys and sorrows.
We pray: Father, listen to our prayers."
For the observance of the Holy Week, the community is inviting faithfuls to join them in the activities below:

Pinoy Semana Santa Schedule 2012
April 1 (Palmsonntag), Mass of the Palm Sunday, 12:45 - St. Winfried Pfarrkiche, Bonn

April 05 (Gründonnerstag)
Magdamagang Pabasa ng Pasyon and Opportunities for Confessions and Counselling
Elohim Center, Bonn-Bad Godesberg

April 06 (Karfreitag) Good Friday
Stations of the Cross - 13:00 Uhr in Apolinariskirche, Remagen
Celebration of the Lord's Passion 16:30 Uhr - in St. Winfried Pfarrkiche, Bonn
Siete Palabras (while Confessions are going on)
Veneration of the Cross and Communion (choir Loved Flock)

April 08 (Ostersonntag)
Mass of the Risen Lord
12:45Uhr - St. Winfried Pfarrkiche, Bonn
Special Features: Bridges Choir to sing Halleluia
Easter Fellowship at the Unterkiche after the Mass

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