Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Hubby's Instant Creation

Isang positive effect nitong blogging ay yun getting addicted to the
whole thing, nawawala yun interest mong maglinis at ni maglinis
ng bahay. Hala, blog dito at duon maghapon. Mula sa boiling
milk hanggang sa kung ano ang kakainin sa dinner. Madonna!
natapos na pala ang isang araw eh etong Pinay na bagong blogger
hindi nararamdaman nakalipas na ang isang araw. Mabuti na lang
USA ang asawa (for those who are not yet familiar with Pinay
acronymns, under the saya ng asawa) understanding ang mahal
na kabiyak ng puso and he surprised me with his instant
Chicken Vindaloo for our late lunch as one of his instant creations,
one will never know what ingredients he has used to produce this
heavenly tasting develish hot food. Anyway he confessed that he used:
one can Vindaloo from Aldi (hoi, this company should give me credits
for mentioning the name, is this possible?)
olive oil
Kaper (I really don't know the English term, capers?)
Red Chillies

as of writing, I am also typing tipsyly if there is such a word and it is
nearly half the hour after one in the morning and I am not yet
sleeping and earlier today I promised not to touch my bloody
blogging page...and just have to keep my live friendships and not
spending my time with my computer, it is getting so hot, I think
my lap will get so roasted and I am so attached to this laptop or
notebook and the wine glass stands there empty while hubby looks
for peanuts.

As for the procedure how to cook this instant hubby's instant
creation, you have to come to visit us one day but then I am sure
he would not remember how he did it, just remember the ingredients
and either you grill that can or sautee it altogether with a 100 percent
olive oil.

Now I am still not that tipsy to read publish and sign off for this
Babush as Jengjeng would say it...is this word hot as we call in
in German cyber lingo?


Pina von Alemania

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