Saturday, 27 January 2007

Talking with My Tulip

Finally, in this winter, snow came in my city but in feathery forms and did not really stay. We turned on the heating for the first time since autumn last year but only for three days. We are thinking of putting it off again tonight when our flat is turned into a temporary huge oven.

See my first planted tulip trying to get out of that dried soil. Could it be the heat in our living room which pushes it to get out of that parched earth screaming for water!
(My plants are all self-supporting, green today, tomorrow brownish
green and on the next days, I will be looking for another pots of green
plants to keep the greening cycle in this corner of our living room.)
Maybe I need to learn '"green"communication.
My girlfriend Emma told me that she talks with her plants and
her house is just like a small greenhouse all throughout the year.
Of course, so does my mother who not only talks with her plants but
scolds them when they refuse to grow or bear flowers at all. Result?
We have one small house surrounded by greening plants and trees of
all sorts, people would not even see there is a house behind these
crawling, hanging leaves and branches. Actually, it is her strategy to
cover the need of renovation in our house; natural, green curtains
to cover the rusting grilles.

For my part as a dutiful daughter living abroad but with other
financial obligations other than putting up my dreamed Italian
villa in our barrio, I could only support her strategy by sending extra
money so she could buy more tree seedlings to cover the roofs, too,
in the future. And I could add my concern that we should really
do our part in anyway in reducing global warming.

She will hate me, I could imagine that.

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