Sunday, 11 February 2007

Break Fast

After 8 days of Heilfasten, I decided to break it yesterday.
My weight: 57,900 on that last fasting day, still heavy for me but
I need to start eating due to planned dinning out with non-fasting
Weight: 1st 'Build-up'Day: 57,100

To break my fast and start a slow return to my eating
pattern, I consumed the ff:

a) Herbal tea for breakfast
b) One piece of steamed apple, this is my usual fasting breaker,
the first solid food after each fasting program. I took slowly spoonful
by spoonful the soft apple pieces while really enjoying its taste.
c) One pack of instant potato soup with a piece of crispbread for
a late lunch.
Later in the afternoon, I rested with a hot-water bag placed
alternately on my abdomen and buttocks.
Then I took another cup of herbal tea in the evening.
As I was not feeling hungry, I skipped this dinner of potato soup
and just took water instead. I forgot also to drink buttermilk with
linseeds. I soaked two pieces of prunes overnight for breakfast.

Sunday, 2nd 'Build-up' Day
Weight: 57,300
For Breakfast: One small glass of sauerkraut juice or whey, soaked prunes
Mineral Water
For Lunch: Three pieces of boiled potato with green salad dressed in
lime juice, sunflower oil, salt and pepper with chives.
Mineral Water
For Dinner: One glass of butter milk with linseeds and one piece of

It was a bit raining today and I did not feel like taking that long
walk but did some light gymnastics. Was feeling very stable except
for the slight heaviness in my stomach. Spent the afternoon
reading books on Heilfasten and reviewed and noted what I need
for the 3rd 'build-up' day.

For Breakfast: Herbal Tea and muesli (cereals with yoghurt, apples
nuts, soaked raisins, honey and a squeeze of lemon juice)
In between meals: Fruits
Lunch: Fresh vegetable salad, red beets with horseradish and one
piece of boiled potato
In the afternoon: 1 apple and 12 pcs. of wallnuts or hazelnuts
Dinner: Fresh salad of one's choice

After three or five build-up or transition days, one could go back
to normal eating with a renewed promise not to indulge on
honey- roasted nuts and dunkin'doughnuts. May the power be
with me!

Now, partying can start again before Ash Wednesday.