Friday, 2 February 2007

Start of Heilfasting or Mga Pinay, Gusto ba Ninyong Pumayat?

February 02
Weight: 60.6kg

There are two options left when I can't get into
my jeans: buy new and baggy jeans with long
blouse or start my annual Heilfasting. I decided
for the radical choice. No chocolate, no wine, no
dunkin' doughnuts nor nuts, no solid food for the next five
days. I will begin a week of fasting and that means,
no solid food only tea, lots of water and juices and veggie

First Fasting Day: Friday

Dissolved 1.5 Tablespoon of Glaubersalz (salt) in half liter
mix of fruit juice and water. Stirred it well and drank the juice.
(Yaks! I know the taste but this is an important step before
one starts with Heilfasting.)

Stayed domestic. Kept running between computer
and john. Read old emails. Chatted with mates.
Warned a chatmate that she is sending me porno links.
She said that must be a virus and I should not open it.

More on Heilfasting:

Each day, one needs to drink 2 liters of water. (I still have to
manage even a liter!) Then one or two cups of tea for breakfast,
1/4 liter of pure fruit juice or vegetable broth either for lunch
or dinner. Better stay at home for the first and second day.
No heavy manual work. (Yehey!) One can blog the whole

I'll keep you posted.

Pinay von Alemania

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